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Thanks to BT I still don't have, after 7 weeks wait, internet connection. I do now have a "Dongle" which gives me a limited access to up date the site. Apologies to the members who are feeling uninformed about club matters.

(mansfieldbowlingclub on facebook is up to date.) We have 93 registered followers to our closed site.

I will post the Dinner pictures when I have a faster internet connection!!!!!

Bonfire BBQ 
Thanks to the hard work of a small team of members the Annual Bonfire BBQ was a great success. Mick and Mike's sausages and burgers were devoured by the 70 members and friends who supported the event. Eleanor's hot soup served by Jenny, Jan and Hazel warmed up the firework watchers. The two Davids produced an exciting display while Woody's fires blazed away keeping us all warm. 

Peter, grinning widely, shakes the hand of President Glenmore having taken a 10 shot lead in the President v Vice President competition. It is hoped that members will turn out in September when the destination of the trophy will be decided.

The support of members was again very disappointing.
Eleanor and Hazel produced a superb meal.


President's Charity

The first Presidents Charity competition was won by Brasso who defeated Vice President Peter in the final.

Neil organised an interesting format for the well supported event. Fred won the whiskey spider competition and Mel guessed the treasure square.

The day raised over £350 for the Bradley Lowery childrens cancer charity.

Thanks to Hazel, Eleanor and Mike who were down at 9.00am setting up the bric-a brac, tombola and cake stalls and all those who provided cakes and items for sale. Linda Jenny and Christine were a great support, helping to ensure that the day was a success.

The Tour of Britain Cycle Race will close Chesterfield Road on Saturday 8th September, which is Finals Day.
The event will now take place on Wednesday  5th September.


Congratulations to Trevor, who is the 2018 Veterans Champion. He defeated Mel in this year's final.
Neil organised a superb event, only to have two members not turn up. This really isn't good enough when he put so many hours into sorting out the draw.
With a great deal of last minute changes and a member willing not to play the afternoon ran smoothly.
Thanks to Margaret Vardy, Winifred, Woody and Dawn who stepped in and helped things to run smoothly.


On a lovely a lovely summer afternoon the pupils and staff turned out in vast numbers to contest the David Taylor trophy. The margin of victory is narrowing with MBC going down on one rink and just squeezing through on a second. Head of PE Mark Sisson supported by the Academy Principal presented the trophy to President Glenmore.

Thanks to Hazel, Barry and Paul who stepped in to help to provide 25 delightful primary school children with a memorable afternoon on our 

Sorry that the roll up group had to wait 10 minutes for their rink to become available.

A huge thank you to Woody, who with backing and sweat from Trevor has reorganised the Bowls Store. Everything now has a place. Please take care and ensure that it is kept tidy.

You will need to get in plenty of practice on the green as you will be playing in In the"Final"of the Malkinson Trophy!

MBC AGM 2018

A packed Pavilion for the 2018 AGM witnessed President Linda perform the final task of her superb year representing our club, when she installed her successor, Glenmore Slack . The most effective AGM that I can recall lasted just 45 minutes, in which time we received the Annual accounts, accepted the numerous reports, installed a President, listened as Ivan Wood gave the President's prayer and presented Eleanor with Honorary Life membership. All this was made possible thanks to all the chairs of the sub-committees preparing written reports, which were made available to the members, who were spared the tedium of listening to endless verbal renditions. Those unable to attend the meeting will find copies of the reports and accounts on the notice board.

I have set up a "closed" web page on which members can post information and photographs. Mansfield bowling club will get you in if you request admission. I hope that it proves useful for the members. If you are not registered please let me have your email address.




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