Sociable bowling where everyone is welcome. - Lammas scores
Sociable bowling where everyone is welcome. - Company Message
A A huge thank you to Hazel, Jenny, Eleanor 

Indoor Winners 2018

Congratulations to Pat Kendall who is the deserving winner of the Alan Bridge indoor Trophy with an unbeatable 41 points. With Hugh, Hazel and Fred  and Linda all within one point of each other the runner up position went down to the wire. Hugh came out on top after a count back. Mike and David looked at the last four weeks results and Hugh was the winner by 1 point.

Joe Hurley, finally in the last two weeks, pulled ahead of David Garratt to win the Visitors Cup.

President Linda presented the trophies to winners after the final session next. Thanks to Fred for helping to get the bowls back to the store.

With 65 bowlers taking part throughout the year indoor bowling continues the be an important element of MBC, keeping the club together during the winter months. 
I have booked the sessions to commence again on Tuesday 9th October for Mel's beginners course and Thursday 11th October. for the competition. Ahuge thank you to Hazel, Eleanor, Jenny, Linda and David Garratt for all their help and support, especially since January when I was indisposed.

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