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Won 65-54 !!

If one of our rinks hadn't been unfortunate and dropped 5 on their last end we would have won overall.

Retford Ladies

A fine 57-44 win at home against Retford Ladies was enough to ensure that we won the match overall by one shot, 93-92. Another fantastic team effort. Eleanor and Hazel prepared the tea, which David served in fine style.

(Hopefully Linda approves of the photograph.)


Another glorious afternoon on our superb green was not only hugely enjoyable but also another success for MBC. 91-67. Thanks to Mike and David for setting out the green and Eleanor and Hazel for the tea and biscuits and all the MBC and U3A members who supported the event.

On a glorious late summer morning Mansfield set about trying to improve on the away win at Southwell. The new members were superb with Sammi and Margi helping Linda's rink to win the sweep. A 82-52 win shows how well they bowled as a team. The ladies enjoyed a buffet lunch provided by Eleanor and Hazel served by David. Mike arrived early and set up the green for the match. (Watch out Retford Ladies.)


Despite only going down on one rink we still lost our match with County 86-104.
Barry, Lee and Hazel won the sweep. Hazel, Sue, Dawn and Tiggy produced a super buffet, whist Christine's bar takings were considerable. Woody and Eleanor worked hard all night and Hazel ran her usual effective raffle.

                                                                                                                                    A narrow  loss
at home 51-63 overturned our lead from the away fixture with Queensway, leaving MBC 5 shots short of a win.

Mike, Sue, Pat and David won their game and the sweep.

It felt strange being the away team on our own green, thanks to the travellers who invade the Queensway site and made the away leg impossible.
The Queensway ladies provided a super buffet. Thanks to Jenny for running the bar.

A cup which was presented by Mansfield member D.King 115 years ago must be something special. A delighted Glenmore received the trophy from Val after a 91-62 win at Newark. Brasso, Paul and Ron won the sweep. The Newark ladies provided a first class buffet.

   A 69-54 win was not enough to turn round the loss from the first leg at Southwell. A lovely friendly match played in cooler conditions on a "green" bowling green. Thanks to 'Tiggy' and Eleanor for the tea and biscuits.

A good 65-49 win away at Bottesford, over turned a 9 shot loss at home. David, Harold and Mike won the sweep.

A super evening saw MBC score a resonding win thanks to Ron Powers 40+ shots win.

MBC 101-58

A match played on a beautiful spring evening against HVPs ended up with a narrow defeat 91-104.

Thanks to Mel for the photograph.



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