Sociable bowling where everyone is welcome. - Coaching
Sociable bowling where everyone is welcome. - Company Message


Commences Tuesday1st May at 1.00p.m.

MBC Juniors Coaching commences on Saturday 5th May  10.30am-12,00pm


For the indoor games we play EBA rules. Woods which touch the jack must be chalked and count if they go in the ditch. There is no 2m rule.

The teams are drawn randomly and players must play in the positions on the card. (You may be the best skip in the club but if you are drawn as lead that is your position for the afternoon.)

On Friday 22nd April 'Framework Notts', who work with the homeless and vulnerable people asked for a Coach from MBC to run a taster meeting at Lammas. Mike was only expecting four or five so was thankful that Eleanor rolled up her sleeves and worked with a group. Even the little toddler had a push with a bowl! This was a very happy session which helped a group of vulnerable people smile and have some fun.
Hopefully this will become a more regular session and involve more of our superb coaches.

Another example of MBC working with and supporting the community

Working in the Community
We are committed to our support of the community through our coaching programme. My thanks go to Mel who stepped in and lead the MBC team at the Lammas "Activity Day" in June. Mel supported by coaches David Drew, Alex and Mick Cooper and club members Trevor Livings and Barrie Withers ensured that the children with disabilities enjoyed a wonderful day at the Lammas centre.
As always I'm proud to be a member of a club which is prepared to give to the community and isn't an inward looking 'trophy huntering' organisation.  

Mel's smile illustrates the delight he gained from the young person's success.

Mansfield Bowling Club is committed to the development of bowls. The Club has eleven qualified coaches who will provide an enjoyable introduction to this wonderful game. Please don't hesitate to contact the club if you are interested in some lessons. Bowls provided..
Contact Mike Lake
Mansfield Bowling Club
Chesterfield Road South
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QE's Academy GCSE Coaching

The first group who had received bowls coaching from MBC were assessed on Thursday by an external examiner as part of their GCSE course. I am delighted to say that the majority received the highest possible grade. Thanks to Mel and our coaches who helped to make this such a positive experience for the pupils.

News of our Primary Schools' Project goes International.

Contact Mike Lake 07963705623
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