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                  Closing of the Green

The Don Wright trophy was won by Barry, Sammi and Trevor. Thanks to Hazel for running a very successful event. Fifty members had their names down to play. Thanks to Hazel, Eleanor, Mick, Peter and Mike who stood down to ensure that the newer members could play.

Mel. Margaret Ellward and John were runners up.

                                    Glenmore Slack Trophy

Well done Mel who beat Ron and Fred to win the Glenmore Slack Trophy.            



    Eleanor beat Hazel in the final of The George Burke Cup.   
(Both were introduced to bowls by our superb coaches!)                            



Fred beat Mick Cooper to become the mens champion bowler of 2019


Linda Alvey bowled superbly to overcome Jane to win the Bill Dawson Trophy


John Brassington beat a very tired Fred to win the Blanksby Handicap.

Redfern 4 Woods

Fred Hall and John Brassington played the first of this years final on the day before "Finals Day" on account of Fred having reached 3 finals. Sadly he was out played by 'Brasso' who was on top form and won the Redfern for the second year. Thanks to Paul who ran the score board.

Congratulations Woody

This year's Novices Cup was the best supported and most closely contested for many years with Woody beating Garry on the extra end of the final. The quality of the bowling by our newer members was astonishing, which bodes well for the future of the club.
Thanks to Neil for organizing the event and the stickmen and women who gave their support.

Pogmore pairs
Congratulations to Neil and Ron, who having won their group, played a round robin playoff against Ron Power, President Peter and Harvey and Paul who won their respective groups to win the Pogmore Pairs Trophy.
Neil organised an excellent competition. With so many members keen to take part, having three round robin groups was the workable solution.( It never has been decided that the group winner with the highest points wins as this wouldn't be a just method.)

Well done to two of our newest members, Harvey and Paul who bowled exceptional well to win their group and end up runners.
Thanks to Dawn who kept the scores and made sense of some confusing score cards.

New Junior Champion

Congratulations to Liam, who won all his round robin matches to come out the clear winner of the Junior Cup, beating our newest member Jack into second place. Thanks to Linda, Christine and Woody for sticking.

Junior Pairs

Having won two and drawn one match Liam and Jack are the new junior pairs champions with Samma and Bella the runners up. Thanks again to Woody for acting as stickman.

               August Pres v Vice Pres
A great turnout on a fine cool summer evening and some excellent competition saw President Peter's team win 78-76. Eleanor and Hazel produced a superb two course meal for the vast sum of £2.00. Thanks to Tiggy and Jenny who helped the caterers and Ivan who looked lovely in an apron. 

Peter's expression?


Pat beat Don and Trevor Livings to win

Cheryl Crowe Cup

Congratulations to Judith and Christine who won the Trophy with Eleanor and Pat Kendall runners up on count back from Sammi and Margi.

Past Presidents

Mike beat Mel in a close final by one shot.

                        The Pearson Trips

Bernard Hill, Paul Sanderson and Mike Lake won an exciting final of the Trips against Pat, Tiggy and Trevor Barnes. An excellent competition, organised by Neil was well supported by the members. Well done to Bella, Sammi and Liam who were a credit to the juniors.

              The Bowl in Hand Trophy
John and Paul won through to the final and played Mick and Mike who they beat to win the Trophy. Neil organised a super event which went smoothly.

The Tudur Rees cup has been re scheduled for 31st 


        RUNNERS UP
Bowl in Hand

 M. Cooper/M. Lake
Tudur Rees


Pearson Triples

Glenmore Slack

Past Presidents

Cheryl Crowe Ladies

Sam Savidge Veterans

Pat Kendall
Don Gibson
George Burke Trophy

Lake /Allwood

 Men 70                        
Ladies 57
 Terry Savidge Jnr
 Liam Watkinson
Jack Marriott
 Junior Pairs
Liam Watkinson/ Jack Marriott
Sammi Hurst/Bella Healy
 Pogmore Pairs
 Neil Vardy/Ron Hall
Paul Sanderson/Harvey Klar
 Ivan Wood
 Garry Watkinson
 Redfern 4 Woods
 John Brassington
 Fred Hall
Don Wright
B. Withers, S. Hurst, T.Barnes M.Savidge,M.Ellward, J.Troop

The new sheets will be available on the notice board. Please resign up if you wish to play.

May                          102
        June                           55
        July                  Rained off

        August                        78
        September                  76
Overall                            312

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