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                        The Pearson Trips

The competition will be held on Saturday 1st June at 12.30 pm. The competition should be completed by 5.00 pm.
 Details of the composition of the teams drawn by the Competitions committee are on the notice board.

The Tudur Rees cup has been re scheduled for 31st July


        RUNNERS UP
Bowl in Hand

 M. Cooper/M. Lake
Tudur Rees

Pearson Triples

Glenmore Slack

Past Presidents

Cheryl Crowe Ladies

Sam Savidge Veterans

George Burke Trophy

Lake /Allwood


The new sheets will be available on the notice board. Please resign up if you wish to play.

May                          102




Completion date for the first round of the club competitions is the 31st May Any games not completed by this date will be decided by lot, drawn by the Competitions Committee. If you are having difficulty arranging games please contact Neil Vardy otherwise you may lose the game.

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