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The President's Charity

President Linda will be making the presentation to Dementia Relief on Thursday afternoon at Lammas. Bowling members are requested to turn out in uniform. Members who do not bowl on Thursdays will be welcome, in uniform, for the presentation photograph at 3,00pm.


Please attend this years AGM
to be held in the Pavilion on Tuesday 20th March at 6.00pm.
(This is an occasion at which members wear their MBC uniform)


Mike goes in for his operation just before the event and with ticket sales low doesn't feel it right to saddle someone else with the task of taking over.

Eleanor will refund all ticket money on request either on Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings or at Lammas.

The Board of MBC would like to apologise for the comments which were inadvertently posted on the web by Mike Lake regarding " Lammas Indoor Coaching" which do not reflect the views of the club.
A  delightful start to Christmas

The Christmas Swing Band Celebration, held in the School Hall on Saturday night, was a great success, enjoyed by members and friends. Linda's version of the 12 Days of Christmas was sung with gusto. Len Shaw won the Christmas Hamper. Hazel's raffle, with Ron's help, was well supported. Thanks to everyone who donated prizes. Eleanor and the ladies provided a superb buffet which was topped off with Hazel and Jenny's  " wonderful" Christmas Cakes.(It seemed a crime to cut them.) Christine and Jackie were kept busy running the bar. The food bank Hamper + £78.00, which has been donated by the members, will be given by President Linda to the Salvation Army next week. Thanks to David, Mel, jenny, Hazel, Eleanor and Linda who helped me set the Hall out on Friday afternoon.


Sammmi has been selected to play for the County next Saturday. The club is really proud of her and the dedication she has displayed over the last two years. The club coaches who devoted Saturday mornings, must be congratulated on their efforts to bring Sammi up to such and impressive standard. Bella has also played her first indoor inter-club match, which is an amazing achievement for one so young.

The Bridge Club looked splendid this morning with its new tables and matching covers. Thanks to Hazel who provided the pink velvet curtains which  Bernard transformed into table covers. Val and Bernard also donated 12 small tables which are for members to put their drinks on when sitting at the tables during Bridge or Tuesday evening social events.

                 Primary Schools 

The pupils from Farmilo School enjoyed a wonderful warm, dry morning on our superb green. 36 Yr5 pupils were coached in the basics by Eleanor and Mike. The attitude of the pupils was a delight and Eleanor said that it had been one of the most enjoyable experiences she had had in many years,  remembering why teaching had been so rewarding. Thanks to Roger for driving the QE Academy van and collecting the pupils from their school.


A wonderful turnout of members and friends attended the Opening of the Green ceremony on Tuesday 11th April. Diana Markham our County Ladies President joined Linda on the green to bowl the first wood of the 2017 season.

Linda's Birthday cake presented at the Opening of the green.
Linda's Birthday cake presented at the Opening of the green.

The  first bowl of  the 2017 season.
The first bowl of the 2017 season.
AGM 2017

A very well attended Annual Meeting of the club witnessed the installation the new President for 2017/18, Linda Alvey. She is joined by Glenmore as the Vice President, The Junior Vice President will be appointed by the Board at its next meeting later this month. Trevor Livings, Christine Smith and Peter Armitage were welcomed onto the Board.

President Linda Alvey

Vice President Glenmore Slack

Junior Vice President

Peter Armitage


I have set up a "closed" web page on which members can post information and photographs. Mansfield bowling club will get you in if you request admission. I hope that it proves useful for the members. If you are not registered please let me have your email address.



Full fixtures list is on the Friendly Fixtures page.
Thanks to Fiona for sorting it out.


Mike is delighted to report that he has acquired a grant of £290.00 from the Bowls Development Association to help fund our extensive coaching programme.


 The New Adapted wheel Chair
Christine Smith's disabled friend Kevin enjoyed a great afternoon on the green being coached by, Mick and Trevor. I hope this is the first of many occasions when it will support our less able friends.





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