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President Linda organised a superb meal for our closing of the green supper, which was supported by 60+ members. Micks suggested supplier of the food proved to be an excellent choice as the food arrive to the minute and was hot and enjoyed by everyone.

Don Wright Trophy

Don Wright presented his closing of the green trophy to Lynne, Barry and Trevor Barnes who beat Eleanor, Mick and Lee into second spot by one point. In third place came Wendy, Janet and Mike. It was a superb ending to an excellent outdoor season played on a magical green.

Redfern 4 Woods

John Brassington beat Mel

Bernard beat Ron Power

The Blanksby Cup

John Brassington Beat Paul Glover

Dawson Ladies Cup

Lynne Morrow won an uncontested final, as the semi final player in the previous round failed to inform her opponent that she was unavailable for finals day.

Juniors End of Season Cup

Sammi Hurst beat Bella Healy 9-8 

Sammi won 4 and drew 1 while Bella won 4 and lost 1

A big thank you to Barry Withers and Mick who helped Mike to support our junior members and President Linda who came along to present the trophy. 

                                           BOWL IN HAND

Bernard and Trevor Livings won the men's pairs competition by two points from Mick Cooper and Mike. Some quality bowling played in the right, friendly spirit. Thanks to Margaret and Sue who managed the competition well, Neil who organised it and Mick and Lee for a wonderful green.



The men managed to retain the Trophy despite going down on two rinks and drawing on the other. 108-77. Again the turn out of supporting members was superb. Mick and Lee produced another perfect green for us to bowl on.

Tudur Rees Mixed Pairs

Mick and Pat Kendall won an exciting play off to win the Tudur Rees Cup. With Cheryl and Ron Power and Judith and Lee finishing the playoffs with equal points, Neil wisely decided that and extra end would be needed, rather than a count back  which wouldn't have worked as two teams had the same shot difference. It made it a more exciting climax for the 45 spectators who were supporting the event.

It was a special afternoon in several respects, as for the first time the Junior Champion, Sammi partnered the winner of the Seniors Mike , while our youngest member, Bella played against our oldest bowling member Don Wright. Rosa also partnered David Marshall in fine style. All three juniors conducted themselves perfectly, displaying an understanding of the etiquette and game that many seniors would do well to follow.

Hazel and Eleanor produced numerous sausage and bacon rolls and endless cups of tea.

Mick Cooper and Pat Kendall 
Winners 2017

The six finalists

Some of the 45 spectators


Sammi Hurst won a thrilling Junior Cup competition beating Lauren into second place. Charlie came a close third on a day which witnessed some very impressive bowling from all the competitors. The stickmen/mentors did a fine job supporting our young members. The support from parents/grandparents/ friends and club members was fantastic. President Linda thanked Mike and David for all the hard work which had gone into Saturday morning coaching to produce such outstanding bowling. Mike said how proud he was of all the juniors who were a delight to work with.

Alec Weiss North v South 3x3 Trophy

Christine's 3x3 South team, although winning on two of the three rinks, suffered a very close defeat going down by just 3 shots 46-43. Thankfully, for captain Trevor, Ron, Mick and Mike's 24-10 win was just enough to stop Christine retaining the trophy for a second year. Great support again from the members. (We may not win too many matches but our members support all our activities and competitions in their droves making our philosophy outstandingly successful. How many "pot hunters" have our level of membership and involvement. Sadly how many of these clubs will be here in a few years time?)

Neil has requested that I post this notice regarding club competitions.

Club competitions are organised by Neil Vardy and the Competitions Committee. All decisions will be made by Neil and the Committee. Will spectators please not become involved in the matches on the green.

Please let Neil know if you are available by either contacting him or by ticking the sheet on the Pavilion notice board. If you don't make contact 
he will assume that you are unable to play and may use one of the reserves.


A glorious days bowling saw John Brassington easily win the morning competition. The afternoon witnessed a superb display of bowling from Bernard, who not only won all his matches but only dropped 4 shots in the process. The other group was very different, with Mike winning, thanks to some superb bowling from Wendy who won her game against Hazel, letting Mike scrape through to the final play off.

Having got through against the run of play, Mike went on to beat Bernard and John in the final play off. The green, thanks to Mick and Lee was superb. Eleanor's bacon and sausage cobs were appreciated as was Christine's bar.

The only off note was the late arrival of a player, which caused lots of last minute changes. Players must arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before the start to enable Neil to manage the competition. Thanks to Linda who as usual stepped down to make way for the late comer.

A big thank you to all the spectators who turned up to support the event. How nice to see John and Karen with us.


Pat Kendall won a tight final against Janet Gibson. Neil organised another 
fine competition. Linda thanked the "stick men", Mick Cooper for a superb green and all those who worked hard to make the event enjoyable. A special mention for our youngest lady bowler, Sammi, who won one and drew three of her matches.
Everyone was delighted to see George present " The George Burke Cup" to the worthy winner.

Cheryl Crowe Cup

A very happy, well organised competition, produced by Neil, saw convincing winners in President Linda and Christine who were undefeated all afternoon. Margaret Storer and Lynne were worthy runners up. Judith's afternoon tea was superb. The ladies were waited on by Trevor, David and Mike who also did the washing up. It was especially pleasing to welcome one of our youngest bowlers Samantha to the ladies competition.

President v Vice President

An excellent match, played by a strong turn out of members on our superb green was thoroughly enjoyed by Vice President Glenmore. In the picture President Linda can be seen putting a brave face on the result. 46-127 was perhaps not the result that she had wanted.
The members sat down to a superb supper provided by Judith and Cheryl. Hazel ran the raffle while Jackie and Christine manned a busy bar.

Our newest member, Sammi Hurst, looked the part in her club uniform and  along with our "veteran" junior member Charlie Hogg was well tutored by Ron Power.


Pearson Trips

The players in this year's competition enjoyed superb bowling an the best green in the county. Hazel's management of the event was excellent. Paul Fred and John finished ahead of the chasing pack in group A, while Peter Armitage, Don and Ron were clear winners of group B. 3-5 down with one end to play of an exciting final Paul's team scored 3 shots to win 6-5.
Eleanor, Christine and Winifred kept the players well fed and watered on a very hot afternoon.

The Novices Cup

Congratulations to all our newer bowlers who all performed wonderfully in this year's competition. Stephen Lindsay reached the final by winning his group while Barry and David Marshall had to play a deciding end after ending up with the same number of points and shots at the end of their group stage. Barry and Stephen played the final on a green beautifully prepared by Mick Cooper and his team. A keen group of stickmen support Neil and ensured that the event ran like clockwork. Linda presented the trophy and thanked everyone involved, making a special mention of the support given my the members, who turned up in considerable numbers. It was so pleasing to see the huge progress made by our newer members who bowled brilliantly. (Wendy beat Barry and Tiggy performed superbly.)


On superb sunny afternoon members enjoyed the bowling of the Past Presidents. After bowling brilliantly to reach the final Judith. with no luck at all lost to Mike who retained the trophy. Neil ran an excellent competition and was well supported by the members who acted as markers . 

Another excellent turn out from members who were supporting the players in the Pogmore Pairs played on Wednesday under cloudless skies.

15th July                        Cheryl Crowe Cup (Sat)
26th July                         Sam Savidge Veterans
9th August                      George Burke Trophy
23rd August                    Tudur Rees Trophy
6th September                Bowl in Hand Trophy
Sat Sept                          Don Wright Closing of the Green

Winners of Club Competitions 2017


Congratulations to all the members who entered this year's competitions. Don't forget you are entitled to enter the County Competitions. The forms are on the notice board.

If you are unable to play please contact Neil Vardy as soon as possible.
Tel: 01623 510984


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